Students, your team is about to be given a tough task to perform.By clicking on the links to the left (bailouts, education, etc.) you can choose which assignment (task) to accept.Once you've decided, you can create a Wikipage.On it you can:
  1. Go to your page to make notes, readable by others in your group, that could be suggestions for how to present, what to present, research results, etc. You might also leave comments for each other in the discussion board for your poarticular page.

  2. You can add links, photos, embed videos, etc. to help plan your presentation

  3. You could use your page as the final product...the presentation....or, as a part of the presention....but, now we're getting into the assignment, to see more on the assignment, go to the individual pages...listed on the left. After you've had a chance to review them, choose one for your group to do. Your teacher may decide how many students should be in a group, and how many groups may pick any particular assignment.

  4. Spend a bit of time talking about how you are going to do what you have to do:

    1. First, define the task--figure out what has to be done.

    2. Second, locate sources of information. Find information within the sources. Read, listen to, or watch the video, analyze the information and extract the most valuable information.

    3. Agree on a "solution" or suggestion to make.

    4. Organize the information.

      1. Gather the background information---the problem,

      2. The historic context,

      3. Your solution.

      4. Tell WHY your solution is the right one--build a case. List and explain arguements in favor of your solution. Tell what those who disagree with you would say, and why they are wrong.

  5. Then figure out how you want to present this information and a timetable for completion. That is, figure out a timetable for completion

With any of these pages, click on the Edit button in the upper right in order to change what is on the page.

Need Help?

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