Feel free to use this assignment as your own--just give me credit for originating it. For now, I'll shut down all the editing features, so the surest way to make this project your own is to create your own Wiki and copy and paste the pages there one at a time. If you'll email me,I could open things up so that students can create their own wikipages right here--but, your students would first need to join Wikispaces and then join this particular Wiki. If you are an ACPS teacher, I can easily work with you to do this. You may find it easier for you to create the Wiki, and enroll the students--if you are an ACPS teacher, I'll be happy arrange for myself or some other ITRT to come around and show you how that's done. I'm inclined to believe that you'll probably want to alter parts of the assignment anyway, and therefore, creating your own Wiki would be the best approach.

Contact me at lblodgett@sbo.accomack.k12.va.us