First, skim one of the articles you'll find here-- evaluating websites.Next, some instructions on Boolean Searchs.Now let's do a Boolean Search and do some evaluating of the results. Once your get to a source, I find, under the edit tab, "find on this page" to be a very helpful way of locating the terms you need to find.
To help you do a Boolean Search, go to a Google advanced search. --check out other options there.If you go to the AHS homepage and from there to the AHS links page, you'll find that SIRS makes Boolean searches very easy also. Anything you reach through the AHS links page is very likely to be a reliable source--factually accurate, and attempting to be non-bias.
Another search engine that is made especially for school related use is SweetSearch. So, that information ought to be good also. The material you find there has already been reviewed by librarians, etc. to make sure it is accurate. To do a Sweet Search:

or, to do a sweet search strictly for social studies, click here.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due
If you copy and paste without giving credit, its cheating, plagarism, very BAD!BUT, if you copy and paste and identify your source--its research, diligence, integraty--very GOOD!
Again, if the information you find would be in any encyclopedia entry on the topic, or any textbook, AND you haven't copied the wording directly, then there is really no need to cite your source--what you've said is common knowledge. However, we're just going to do it anyway, just for the practice--and to show you that it's really not hard. If you use Wikipedia, then also find that information in at least one other source--double check it--because Wikipedia is a Wiki, like this one, anyone can change it. To how you how easy it is to give credit, let's use EasyBib.Once you have your Bibliography assembled, check the ones you want to include, and from the pull down menue, select "copy and paste." It will print in a new tab. From there, you can copy and paste it to your Wiki.

Digital Citizenship
What percent of employers do you suppose have ever rejected a perspective employee based on the applicants "digital footprint?"
To find out, click here.Now you may be creating some fakebook pages, if so, you might want to be aware of some guidelines to follow.
Here is a link to other articles I've found on digital citizenship--perhaps you'll find them useful.Did you know that some student's political tweets have gotten them hauled in to the Principal's office?