Before you begin, your group must answer a basic philosophic question-- What is the proper role of the federal government in our country, and what functions should it perform? Answer this in the form of a blog post attached td to this site. Run your mouse over the icons in the upper right, find the one that says something about adding a discussion post, and click on that one, then add a post on your thoughts--each group member gets a grade for this, and each must post. If you all agree, each of you must contribute your own thoughts on why you answered as you did. After you have posted, you may go to the other Wikipages and read the posts of others. If you choose to repond to their posts, remember that your responses must be respectful of the thoughts of others--answer with reason, not emotion.

Now, let's get to the rest of the assignment.

"I don't care what you call it [social security]. It's broken. And here's my solution...
Start with optional personal retirement accounts. In 1981 the Galveston County employees, they opted out. Because there was a very short window of opportunity, they took it. Today when people retire in Galveston County, Texas, they retire making at least 50 percent more than they would ever get out of Social Security...
Secondly, allow younger workers to have personal retirement accounts as an option. Now to answer this gentleman's question, current seniors will not be affected. It's to give the option to the younger workers. The Galveston County model worked, and it also worked in the small country of Chile. Instead of giving it to these states, let's give it back to the workers. That's personal retirement accounts would do." Sep. 12, 2011 Herman Cain

After suspending his campaign for a time, Herman Cain once again became an active candidate in March of 2012. It is now Feb. of 2013 and President Cain wants congress to act, based on the beliefs stated above. The Joint Economic Committee is going ot hold hearings on the structure of Social Security. You have been asked ot testify as an expert witness. Prepare a presentation and a written report (at the teacher's option) to be presented to the committee.

Today--you must decide how to approach your work/ Who is going to do what? What deadlines do you need to meet along the way? After that, you can begin the project. At some point you must also decide what form do you want your presentation to take. Your teacher may decide to expand or limit your options, but, here is an initial list to consider:

  1. a Wiki, (you can use this page),
  2. Glog(which can include links), --some schools may permit the use of glog.com, in our district you'll have to use
  3. Prezi,
  4. PowerPoint,
  5. A video you produce,
  6. LiveBinder

You may want to investigate each of these. Some of them require that you set up an account, receive a verification Email, and click on a verification link.

Because you know there will be those on the committee who disagree with you, you must be very careful to chose reliable sources and give them credit. As you research, you can paste resource links on your page to make them easy to return to, or, your teacher may wish to have you set up accounts at a social bookmarking site such as Diigo, where you can collect favorites/bookmarks, highlight them, and add your own remarks.

At the end of the project your teacher may ask that you do a group self-evaluation.